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Westminster Divorce Attorneys

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Law Office of Jennifer Lester
Baltimore MD Divorce Attorney

My practice philosophy is flexibility. My firm is flexible in its approach and handles each case in way that is efficient and cost effective for our clients.
Savit & Szymkowicz, LLP
Bethesda MD Divorce Attorney

We are here to help our clients - not ignore them.
Cecile C. Weich, Esquire
Chester MD Divorce Attorney

Ms. Weich is a successful lawyer. As a full time attorney with a diverse general practice, her cases run the gamut from matrimonial to constitutional.
Law and Dispute Resolution Office of Robert L. Baum
Rockville MD Divorce Attorney

Bob Baum is an experienced litigation trial attorney who specializes in alternative dispute resolution. Avoid having to employ a lawyer for your civil, commercial, business or divorce litigation by using mediation services.

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