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McCall Moody Law Firm
Maggie Moody

2940 Kerry Forest Parkway
Suite 103
Tallahassee FL 32309
(850) 656-7753

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McCall Moody Law Firm

Tallahassee Estate Planning and Family Law Attorney

The wealth of legal accomplishments attained by attorney Maggie McCall Moody truly merits use of the word "experienced." She has done much more than merely practice law. She has helped to define it.

As an attorney, Ms. Moody has demonstrated her commitment to the law in many different ways. In addition to her two decades of practicing law in trial and appellate work, she has assisted lawmakers write and create new laws in positions with the Florida Senate and the Florida House of Representatives.

She has also assisted in writing The Family Law Rules of Procedure and the development of the Unified Family Courts in Florida working at the Supreme Court of Florida. Ms. Moody has also written articles for legal journals, taught fellow attorneys on legal issues of the day and provided pro bono legal services for community organizations.

She brings her trusted knowledge and commitment to the law to help you protect yourself, your family and your assets.  To find out more about how her experience can benefit you, contact the McCall Moody Law Firm at 850-656-7753.

Family Law

When you are involved in a family law matter, such as a divorce, you want to be treated fairly. You want to know what your rights are, what your options are and you want to minimize the traumatic impact to you and your family. The McCall Moody Law Firm will provide answers to your questions, address your concerns, determine the economics of the divorce and use the firms experience and resources cultivated over two decades to get the results you need to protect you and your future. In matters involving child custody we will work with you to protect your children and to be able to continue to provide for them.

Family Mediation Services

Today, the courts require most cases that do not settle amicably early in the process go to family mediation. As a family mediator, certified by the Supreme Court of Florida, Maggie McCall Moody brings her singular combination of work in developing the current family laws and procedures in Florida and representing clients in a variety of family law cases to the table assisting attorneys and their clients to reach settlement through the mediation process.

Tallahassee Family Law Attorney

By nature, family law matters are personal. Maggie McCall Moody understands and she is sensitive to the fact that each person has unique needs. She is dedicated to learning about and meeting those needs.

Please Call: 850-656-7753

Contact the McCall Moody Law Firm at 850-656-7753 to speak with an experienced family law and alimony lawyer.

Since 1988, Maggie McCall Moody has handled all types of family law matters. In addition to her representation of clients as a family law lawyer, she has held many positions in a variety of governmental bodies determining the family law system in Florida. Thus, she brings to these issues unique experience and insight having worked with the leaders who developed the current family court rules and procedures and many of the laws governing those cases.

She is available to assist with all family law matters, including:

Attorney Maggie McCall Moody believes that the combination of the benefit of wide and varied experience with the personalized attention that comes with a small firm is a critical component of the service the McCall Moody Law Firm provides. She will take the time to talk to you and find out the details of your circumstance, your needs for the future and your desired outcomes. The legal plan she puts together will be geared toward helping you meet those needs and achieve those outcomes.

Experienced Tallahassee, Florida Lawyer

Ms. Moody's background in estate planning and family law in particular have covered the spectrum from client representation to staffing court committees to determine how such cases would be handled in the judicial system. From drafting appellate arguments on such matters to drafting and analyzing legislation resulting in the laws currently governing family and estate law. From mediating family law matters to working with financial planners and certified public accountants regarding tax law impacts.

Our representation focuses the full benefit of this multilevel involvement and knowledge into a direct personal approach to fully meet each client's needs. The result is we get to know you and you get to know us. The same attorney who first meets with you handles all aspects of your family law matter from the initial meeting to review your financial documents to sitting beside you at hearings, mediation or whatever your case requires.

Please Call: 850-656-7753

Tallahassee FL Divorce Attorney

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