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Miller & Associates, Attorneys LLP
Joshua Miller

6542 Lonetree Blvd
Rocklin CA 95765
(916) 780-0848

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Miller & Associates, Attorneys LLP

California Family Law Attorneys Helping People Navigate the Complexities of Divorce

Family law is a well-nurtured tradition in our family and at the law offices of Miller & Associates. We are two brothers in business together — detail oriented lawyers who are dedicated to providing outstanding counsel and representation to our clients who are engaged in divorce. We handle an array of family law matters such as legal separation, annulments, custody and visitation, paternity, child support, spousal support, property and business division, domestic violence, retirement division, and adoption.

Our two-attorney law practice offers personal attention and the flexibility to take on complex cases with due attention given to all their intricate nuances.

Strong Advocates and Knowledgeable Counselors at Law

Our law firm is particularly helpful to people with complex business and real estate holdings. We bring previous business law experience, and personal business and real estate experience to the task of resolving asset division and other complicated financial challenges related to marital dissolution. Contact us to schedule a consultation regarding your family law matter.

"Thank you for being straightforward and honest," say our past clients.

We understand that a divorce is a traumatic personal life experience for most people. We also understand that for most people getting a divorce, they have never met with an attorney before. The lawyers and staff at Miller & Associates work hard to make this process easy for you, and strive to reduce the stress you are under by clearly explaining and guiding you through the process, and by addressing the issues of your case with a focus on equity and cost effectiveness.

This means that we are dedicated to keeping our processes efficient, always aiming for the best results with the least expense. That is why in addition to offering full representation on all of your family law issues, Miller & Associates can also offer limited legal services as well as paralegal document preparation services. Whether or not limited scope legal services are appropriate for you depends on your case. Call Miller & Associates for a free initial consultation at 916-780-0848 to learn more.

We understand that family law litigation can be very emotional. Given this fact, we counsel clients not to take emotionally driven actions that may cost them more money in the long run. At Miller & Associates, we will educate you about the divorce process and counsel you on how to make strategic and cost-effective decisions. We encourage clients to consider a commonsense cost-benefit analysis and move forward in a divorce with an eye on the big picture.

Call or e-mail the law offices of Miller & Associates to discuss your family law matter and learn how we can help resolve it efficiently and cost-effectively.

Please Call: 916-780-0848

Please Call: 916-780-0848

Rocklin CA Divorce Attorney

Main Page  Joshua R. Miller  Attorneys  Firm Overview  Family Law Areas


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