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Cecile C. Weich, Esquire
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Cecile C. Weich, Esquire
Cecile Weich

2927 Cox Neck Road East
Chester MD 21619
(410) 604-1111

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Fax: (410) 604-1211

Cecile C. Weich, Esquire

"The Lady and The Law!"

Family, Domestic Relations & Matrimonial Law;
Child Custody & Visitation;
Spousal & Child Support;
Equitable Distribution & Prenupital Agreement;
Employment Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Meet Ms. Weich:

bullet.gif (883 bytes)"I'm always hungry for more of what life has to offer" says Cecile C. Weich. She savors every morsel of it. With her busy law career, a stable family life and diverse interests, this vibrant, multi-faceted human being is an example of what a woman in the new millenniumcan be. As a role model she could inspire a generation. 

bullet.gif (883 bytes) Ms. Weich is a successful lawyer. As a full time attorney with a diverse general practice, her cases run the gamut from matrimonial to constitutional. Her clients come to her for help with family, criminal, civil, real estate, corporate and small business matters, including torts, contract negotiations, leases, estates, bankruptcy, wills, labor relations, sex and employment discrimination. 

bullet.gif (883 bytes) She understands the stresses that can shake personal and professional relationships and can speak of them with clarity and candor. Whether in the formal setting of a giant lecture hall  or in the family room of a neighbor's home, Ms. Weich blends kindness with truth to inform, enlighten and enrich her listeners.  Her subject may be about women, but her message is meaningful for all.

bullet.gif (883 bytes)Ms. Weich has been married to Robert Weich since 1958.  He is Director, National Accounts, Mail Order for Sony Records.  They have two sons, one of whom is in law, the other medicine, and five grandchildren.  Together all the Weich's share a love of music, theatre, antiques and life.  Ms. Weich attributes the success of their family relationships to subscribing to many traditional values while at the same time practicing equality and respect among themselves.

bullet.gif (883 bytes)Ms. Weich is both an experienced professional and a total woman. She is equally at home discussing the fine points of law or current fashion.  Her zest for living radiates from her expressive face.  She is an example of what happens when beauty and brains mix.  It can be dynamite.

Please Call: 410-604-1111

Please Call: 410-604-1111

Chester MD Divorce Attorney

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